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Our Story

Out of the Boom Boom Room in Saint Louis Mo.




Le Boom is the sound you make when realizing everything you needed to make yourself happy was already inside you.  


-Three lines to compliment your lifestyle.

  • Boom Boom Room Signature: A collection of BBR Branded items
  • Le Boom every day: For everyone.
  • Pure Burlesque:  Inspired by the artform and the professional, but styles to incorporate into your wardrobe. Show your confidence, embrace your power, show us how you Burlesque.  



A clothing collection inspired by the empowered burlesque showgirls of The Boom Boom Room and The Boom Boom Bombshells.



Le Boom was created by the owners of the Boom Boom Room Burlesque club in St. Louis. They spent years creating shows, working with showgirls, and treating their fans to an amazing time and developed a unique philosophy of love and tolerance that spread organically by simply treating people well. The talent group is called The Boom Boom Bombshells. Le Boom is inspired by the experiences of the cast, people, and the art form.  


The show

The show is your life, and you are the star and we want you to shine.  


To be a bombshell, you don't have to be on stage, you become one by who you are, no matter who you are, or where you are from. The bombshell is confident at all times no matter her body type. She looks in the mirror every day and says, I am gorgeous. The bombshell works hard to achieve her dreams, performs on her stage in excellence to inspire others and the world to be better, and leaves everything out on life's stage because she knows, if we get a little bit better each day, we can change the world. The bombshell lives the universal truth, we are all beautiful, we are all family.   


Are you a bombshell? If so, we created this collection for you.  

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